Professional women need not look far to get specific advice for what they should be doing. Indeed, information is often presented as if there were a universal answer to success. However, there simply isn’t a single path. Rather than being told what to do, women need to know what questions to ask themselves at pivotal moments. This is where FORTE comes in.

FORTE is a dynamic forum designed to richly support women in their professional development founded on the premises that:


Women are thirsting for clarity on how to navigate their professional lives.


There is a gap in many corporate cultures in which women lack an appropriate level of support for their growth and development.


Many  women have traversed the road before and can serve as models to identify key considerations women can contemplate at pivotal moments.


To open the path for talented women, established professionals – both men and women - must serve as sponsors & mentors.

The FORTE approach gives women and those who want to support them key insights and tools to help them forge their paths with strength and clarity. The ultimate goal is for women to operate with a high level of intentionality and, when appropriate, flexibility to enable them to be professionally actualized.

FORTE is a place for people and companies dedicated to helping professional women thrive, including:

Businesses engaged in a meaningful process to ensure they have (or are building) a culture in which women have clear growth paths and are supported to thrive professionally.

High potential women who engaged in the Forte Experience and are committed to not only their own professional actualization but to supporting other women’s success.

Mentors & Sponsors: Women committed to lift while they rise & men committed to growing talent and ensuring an understanding of the sometimes nuanced needs of professional women

Women of Strength. A bespoke group of female leaders coming together to share their wisdom and support other women to approach their decisions with intentionality and vision.